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Sales Network Training



For more than 6 years, we have been developing interactive e-learning applications in order to train ŠKODA Auto employees as effectively as possible.


We design creative and functional solutions and provide their development for desktop and mobile devices and support localisation to more than 30 markets.


Customised e-learning modules contain attractive graphic content, interactive parts, videos, and quizzes.

Using interactive and multimedia features, we create comprehensible e-learning courses that constitute an important part of ŠKODA AUTO training methods, thereby proudly contributing to the overall effectiveness of training in the ŠKODA AUTO sales network and to improving the sales process.

Dagmar Klapková
Sales Manager


Our task is to create e-learning presentations to provide, efficiently and in an attractive manner, maximum information and support the design of ŠKODA AUTO cars and the overall image of the brand.


We develop interactive and well-designed, customised e-learning solutions to meet even the most demanding client requirements.