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NIVEA as the leading brand of the German corporation Beiersdorf.


For 7 years, we have been helping the NIVEA brand to grow digitally and to communicate its cosmetic products in the digital world through campaigns and social media.


We manage the NIVEA product portfolio on the web, create communication, digital campaigns, and content for social networks, monitor data and create analytics.


We administer 1240 products online in three languages and every year we design and communicate over 45 campaigns in three countries. The website receives a total 4,800,000 visits per year in the Czech Republic alone.

Working for the NIVEA brand is an honour for us. We especially appreciate the trust that the client places in us, in addressing and managing complex technical solutions in the digital world. We manage the East European section - Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary. This forces us to respond flexibly and separately to the requirements of each market and to be aware of the fine nuances that apply in each of the countries.

Silvia Szépe
Account Manager


Attract more loyal customers to your website and increase overall visits. Goal: +50%


Creation of BMI index calculator, including recommendations. Long-term "Superhero NIVEA" page has the most visits on the whole website – first-time visits by 350,000 new website users in the Czech Republic alone. The numbers are similar in Slovakia and Hungary. Meet the target? By 130% more than we’d thought.