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ŠKODA AUTO, as the largest employer in the country, offers a broad range of professions, which means that new talents always need to be hired, and not only from the automotive sector.


We set the long-term Employer Branding strategy and design marketing campaigns for staff recruitment


To ensure consistency in communication, we have created a visual identity that distinguishes ŠKODA Career from regular communication of ŠKODA AUTO.


For the "Image of the Future" campaign, we created - in addition to the communication strategy and creative idea - also all moodboards, scripts for the videos, sketched key visuals, and took part in the creation of the main prop: the image itself.

Work for ŠKODA Career is unique and demanding, in that we have to speak to a target group that is very specific and diverse at the same time. Furthermore, we must meet demands coming from many different sides. On the other hand, we have an excellent client who is not afraid of going against the grain, and therefore, we were able to execute a campaign that is not conventional in recruitment and is, in many respects, daring.

Lucie Grochalová
Account Manager


The perception of ŠKODA AUTO as an employer as a modern technology firm that has lots to offer to people even from outside of the automotive segment.


At the heart of the strategy is a communication concept revolving around an "Image of the Future". It formed a creative platform for us that gave us sufficient breadth to integrate all of the roles and technologies required in the 360° campaign.